Coil Records Branding

In an effort to close the disconnect from the world that was around him and the work that was being done at the time, he created a new music label and physical shop ‘Coil Records,’ an attempt to help foster the creative spirit. From there, various musical projects blossomed.

The connective thread across all the narrative-driven projects is the ‘Coil Universe’ — Pell taps all characters and stories behind each release into one cohesive outlet between the fans and the world of Murlo/Sharda.

Coil Records is known to reference and build its own lore through the countless 2D and 3D designs — it’s a reclamation of his visual language, imagery that’s striking and enigmatic. 

A selection of digital work for ‘Coil Records’ social media.

A series of 2D and 3D visualisations of the ‘Coil Records’ shop.